10 MARCH 2018

March 10th "Stories of images, images of stories", the cycle of cultural meetings organized by Contrasto in collaboration, begins
with Leica Camera Italia. The Leica Stores of Turin, Milan, Bologna, Florence and Rome will alternatively be the locations that are the protagonists of an in-depth study of the books and authors of some of the latest titles published by the Contrasto publishing house.

Valerio Bispuri has dedicated fourteen years to his photographic project at the paco, a lethal drug created in South America with cocaine waste. The testimony of the photographer who with his camera has immortalized the reality of paco consumers, to show their suffering and their life. Bispuri has traveled between Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Paraguay and shared the dramatic daily life of these people. Spreading since the nineties especially in the slums of Buenos Aires and - later - in the favelas and outskirts of all of South America, consumption of paco has increased significantly at the beginning of the millennium. Young people, who are the most assiduous consumers, come to need to take up to twenty doses a day with devastating consequences because it gives immediate addiction. Among the various anecdotes and events lived, even the story of when, blindfolded to not recognize the place, in 2015 managed to enter the so-called "drug kitchens", places where this drug is created.

Ore 16.30

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Leica store Torino

Torino, Via delle Rosine, 20c

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Paco 45.064192, 7.690644 PacoFrom 10-03-2018 to 18-03-2018Leica store Torino , Via delle Rosine, 20c (Directions)